Simple Saturday

Simple Saturday

Simple Saturday

We all know, deep down, it’s the simple things that count.  But it’s been nice to put that knowledge into practice today–a relaxed Saturday wedged between two crazy busy weeks.

My mum is staying with me, on a short break from caring for my grandmother, and more than anything she has needed to just unwind and take it easy.  She is going through the whole spectrum of emotions at the moment, given that my grandma seems to be declining rapidly, and I can hear it in her voice and see it in her face that she desperately needs a break.

These two days aren’t enough, but they’re something.

Her situation really strips everything bare and makes me realise deeply that the simple pleasures are the ones that we crave and miss when they are taken from us.

A peaceful night’s sleep is a luxury for my mum.  As is being able to walk out of the front door alone and potter in the garden, drive by the sea or spend an hour or two cooking with a glass of wine.

So this weekend we have made no plans.  We have just let the day melt away doing things that we want to do.  Watching movies.  Drinking coffee.  Cooking.  Taking a walk in the rain.  Chatting.  Listening to old music.  Browsing in charity shops.  Just being together, at ease in each other’s company.

My mum is one of my best friends, and to have this kind of quality time with her is really special.

The best relationships are those where doing nothing feels as comfortable and satisfying as filling a day with new experiences.

Sometimes the soul needs a rest.

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  1. Ooh, this is such a good write up. Where to start. You are so blessed to have a great relationship with your mum. That is a gift. And yes, when you are in a stressful care taking position simple things in life become large luxuries. I feel this way being a mother of little people. It is constant care taking and I have no family to help and a husband who works long hours. I didn’t realize that I’m a bit frazzled until I read this post and all the simple task sounded so delicious…cooking uninterrupted for hours, a long nights sleep…hmmm, what is that like?

    1. Aw, Kate, I hope you do manage to get at least some rest this weekend! You must be constantly on the go. You are absolutely right about not noticing we are frazzled or exhausted until we suddenly stop or get away from it all for a little while. My mum wasn’t sure she needed a break until she came away–now she realises just how much she needs rest and time to replenish her body and soul. Sending hugs to you!

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