Thank you

Thank you

I have just left work after a busy day of teaching to find that my blog has surpassed 100 followers this afternoon.  Thank you so much to everybody who has liked, subscribed and commented so far–I have enjoyed your feedback and loved exploring your blogs, too!

It seems, now that I am writing with more regularity, that my blog is drifting into many subjects beyond just the minimalist theme.  Many of you may have found the same thing when starting your blogs…  I hope you don’t mind.

Things, of course, perpetually evolve and change, and all of the things I write about add value to my life.  Poetry, politics, personal musings, teaching, meditation, family, frugality and nature… they all contribute to Minimal Belle.

I tend to write spontaneously, from the heart.  And I know how much I enjoy, when I am reading an article, getting to know the real person behind the words.  The human beyond the screen.  That’s what makes it all so resonant, for me.

I hope you continue to enjoy perusing, and please continue to comment and share your thoughts.  I look forward to getting to know you better!

Thanks again,



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