A soul day

A soul day

A soul day

I have had such a simple, lovely, relaxing day today, watching films with the family, cooking some delicious vegan food and drawing.  This is a portrait I did this afternoon of a civil war soldier (I have a bit of an obsession with history, and with sketching faces!)  It has been so nice to have the time to do creative things that make me feel good.  Sketching is definitely good for my soul, as is writing.

I hope you are managing to get some soul time this season…  What makes you feel at peace, inspired and contented?

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  1. Sketching is a beautiful way to express your soul onto a blank sheet. I appreciate the emotive eyes that capture the soldier from a previous century — it’s kind of like extending the gaze of the subject to the eyes of your audience.
    My wife Lisa and I have taken on the avatars that I once drew on the whiteboard in a hospital room. Only after sketching the imaginary characters did we assign personalities and names to the marker-created animals. Anyway, it came to be that Lisa was an owl, and I a moose. Fortunately, we have continued this mythmaking to a pile of drawings and identities.
    Your sketch encourages us 🙂

    1. That is very cool, Bill–thank you for that great comment! I love the idea of your little animal pictures, and creating personalities and characters based on drawings. I agree that sketching is a beautiful way of expressing one’s soul, and I also agree with your second comment about the soldier. It felt as though I really got to know him, got a sense of him, while I was drawing, just because I was studying his photograph so much. It did feel as though he came alive for those few hours. I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas break!

      1. Hi Louise, Sorry for the slow response to your kind words about our family mythological characters. Those words inspire me to take the sketches from the dusty folder and to write their tale. And, indeed, you have marvelously captured the soldier’s countenance. His eyes so clearly give us that window to the soul that both the art of photography and drawing capture. I hope you also enjoyed the Christmas break and are wintering warmly.:-)

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