The wanderer returns.

The wanderer returns.

The wanderer returns.

It’s been a while, I know.  My unfortunate, whimsical nature is difficult to deny and must accept some of the responsibility for my lack of posts… but also the happenings of life, work, and travels that have taken me away from my computer for a few months.  I have missed writing though, and am very much looking forward to catching up with my fellow bloggers (most of whom have surely been more committed lately than me!)

Our family has been continuing to deal with the loss of my beloved grandparents and helping my mum to get back on her feet, gently, of course, after she was my grandmother’s carer for so long.  She is doing remarkably well and has shown a strength that I am inspired by.  We recently travelled to the States for several weeks–New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Boston and Cape Cod–and had a much-needed, truly wonderful holiday.  I will write more about it later.

Getting back to teaching this week has been a shock to the system, but it is nice to see my colleagues again and to catch up with the children.  They make me laugh, without fail, every day.

My thoughts at the moment are, of course, with those dealing with loss all over the world–the natural disasters have been terrible to witness, and I will keep those in the path of flooding and hurricanes in my heart.  If you are one of the affected, I am praying for you.  Stay safe.

More soon.


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