Little victories

Little victories

Little victories

The days are busy and life passes by so quickly that it can be easy to forget to take stock of the good things that have happened or the positive choices you have made.  But these little moments really do add up to big changes in the long-term.  And it’s so important to capture them while they are fresh in your mind, congratulate yourself, smile and be grateful.

My ‘little victories’ of today…

I have stuck rigidly to my budget and have not spent a penny apart from on the train fare to work.

I have resisted any and all forms of junk food, and have pretty much eaten clean all day.

I was invited to join an interview panel for future trainee teachers at a London university–great CPD!

I took a Key Stage assembly at late notice and realised how much more confident I am now as a teacher and a colleague.  I feel at home at my school and that my opinions count.

I got up earlier than necessary this morning and allowed myself time to relax, just sit and breathe, drink a cup of tea and have a healthy breakfast.  I felt so much better going into work (despite the dark and cold!)

I am doing okay, despite a difficult evening yesterday.  I seem to be taking it as motivation to look after myself better and challenge myself, as opposed to letting it drag me down.  (This is a tough one…)

I’d love to hear about the little victories you have had today–the plans you have stuck to, the moments that have made you feel good, the things you are proud of, however small.  Please share!

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  1. Disciplined time`management is every artist’s greatest challenge: we are either compulsive about our craft or the world’s worst procrastinators . . . I applaud your commitment ‘wholeness’ . . .

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