Things to do on a no-spend weekend

Things to do on a no-spend weekend


If you’re like me, trying to gain control of your finances through strict budgeting, or if you’re embarking on a no-spend challenge to try to save some pennies this month, you may be in need of some ideas as to how to fill your weekend with things you can enjoy and look forward to.  Being careful with your money doesn’t mean that you have to feel deprived, right?

I tend to do really well on my budget during the week (the same with healthy eating) and then the weekend comes, and everything goes to pot!  There is something about the structure of work days that helps me to stay on track.  But who wants to do well all week and then ruin it by splurging at the weekend?  With a little preparation and discipline, there really is no need.

Here are just a few ideas of things to do when you’re looking to spend little or no money:

  1.  Put on some good music and de-clutter.  You’ll feel cleansed!
  2. Sell your stuff on eBay or a local Facebook group.  That way you’re not only saving money, but making it too.
  3. Draw or paint.
  4. Write.  Start that book you’ve always wanted to write, or plan some new content for your blog.  (If you don’t yet have a blog, why not start one?  It’s a great hobby and will keep you busy for hours!)
  5. Curl up on the sofa for a marathon movie session.  It’s perfect weather for it…
  6. Do some batch cooking so that you are sorted for the week ahead.  Use up the stuff in your cupboards to make soups and pasta sauces, then freeze them.
  7. Meditate.  Just sit still with whatever you’re experiencing, and breathe deeply.
  8. Call a friend via Skype or WhatsApp.  You can’t beat a good chat and a giggle!
  9. Invite a friend over for a Saturday morning cup of coffee.  Yes, I know it doesn’t taste quite like Costa but hey, think of the cash you are saving!  And you get to lounge on your sofa at your leisure, instead of a wooden chair.  And you don’t have to listen to toddlers screaming for their babyccinos.
  10. Read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf forever.
  11. Play an instrument.
  12. Learn a new skill on YouTube.  Try learning about acupressure points or practise your dance moves in the safety of your living room.
  13. Clear out your closet and find those clothes that have been languishing at the bottom for months.  Try out new combinations or make a pledge to wear things you have bought but haven’t been brave enough to wear yet.  You may feel as though you have a whole new wardrobe!
  14. Watch interviews on YouTube with authors, actors, astronauts or historians.  There are so many fascinating people out there with incredible, inspiring stories.
  15. Attend a local church service on Sunday morning and meet some new people over coffee afterwards.
  16. Make the most of the crisp, Autumn weather, pull on those boots and go for a long walk in your area.  Explore somewhere new.  Take a different route.

Do you have anything to add to this list?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

How are your November budgeting/no-spend plans going so far?



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  1. These are all excellent ideas for any weekend. I am trying to spend less overall in my life. I especially feel this when I am getting rid of things! A well-written and helplful post!

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