Send that note

Send that note

Send that note

I just received a message from my old head teacher–a man I really like personally, and admire so much as a leader–to wish me good luck for our Year 5 Shakespeare production tomorrow.  (You may recall that I have been directing a group of ten-year-olds in Romeo and Juliet for the past few months…)

It was such a lovely surprise and so nice of him to remember and think to write.  It definitely gave me a boost ahead of the performance!

Before I drift into unconsciousness, I just want to urge everyone to send that little message you’ve been thinking of sending to that person who has been on your mind.

You have the power to transform their entire day with the simplest of words.  Isn’t that a great thing?

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  1. I too have been the recipient of notes over the years that really touched me and gave a much needed boost on occasion.

    I encourage everyone to reach out – even if it is just to say hello – to someone who has been on your mind. You have no idea what it might mean to them.

    1. That’s very cool to hear! I’m glad it came at the right time for you, and I’m sure your recipients appreciated your notes. 🙂

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