We are all naked

We are all naked

We are all naked

O sun despairing
Bound to serve
Soften the soil
Our last preserve

Victory grows not
From bloodied dirt
But the bones of children
Are tipped into the earth

Shall they return now
To their sleeping valleys
To their winter skies
And mountains untamed?

We tell their stories
Neglect their names
And farm the fields
In which they were slain

Scottish songs of divine birth
Dark December, Christmas mirth
We pursue fleeting comforts
To contain nameless hurt

Silence the screams
Of soldiers buried
In the earth

The ground beneath us
Rises to meet the sky
Faceless god
God on high

Stillness lies somewhere
Cloaked between the two
In the temples they tout
The grace of solitude

But no soul wants
To be alone
Young boys seldom ask
To leave home

But long and slow
The battles run
Endless days melt
In torturous sun

Songs are silenced
The reasons, long gone
We should hang our heads
For the damage we’ve done

O when will we recognise
The gentle power of the tongue
And, with war-weary eyes,
The despair of the gun

We are all naked
Though pale eyes avert
While the bodies of men
Writhe in the earth

We are all naked
Clothed only in dirt
Still the bones of children
Are tipped into the earth

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