What feeds your soul?

What feeds your soul?

What feeds your soul?

It’s so easy, especially today, to watch, listen to and read things that provide only temporary gratification.  Or perhaps they provide hardly any gratification at all… they are just habitual.  Things we have become used to ingesting.  Scrolling idly through Facebook, gossip columns or depressing news stories.

It’s so easy to do this, and to never evaluate the effect that this unconscious consumption has upon our minds and souls.

I realised a while ago that, whilst my natural propensity when choosing a film, for example, is for thrillers, creepy stories or gritty dramas, they generally have quite a negative impact upon my mood.  They make me feel flatter, anxious, more fearful of the world and heavier of heart.  Perhaps not after watching just one movie, but over time.

Please note, I am not judging these types of films or books–I still enjoy them,  and there is absolutely a need for art to tackle the darker themes in life–but I have been forced to notice in myself the tangible shifts in my mood and emotions when I take in this type of entertainment as opposed to lighter, more inspiring and uplifting books, movies and music.

There is a time and a place for everything.  But I do urge you to notice what makes your heart glad, what makes you feel positive about the world and your place in it, and what makes you feel negative.  

Just a few minutes of an inspiring video or an exhilarating story can completely change my mindset on any given day.  And, when I discipline myself to not browse Facebook idly or read a trashy magazine just because it’s there, I find that I have much more time for amazing stories that open my mind, nourish my heart and feed my soul.

What have you read, listened to or watched recently that has fed your soul? 

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  1. Interesting article, I have been gradually weaning myself off of Facebook and feel the better for it, but that’s just me. I find reading the blogs and looking at photographs on WordPress can be uplifting. :>)

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I agree, WordPress can be really inspiring. 🙂 You’re right that it’s a personal journey. Something I didn’t mention in the article actually is that I think those things have more of an impact on me now than they used to. I don’t know if it’s to do with getting older and feeling as though I want to be happy, calm and positive as much as possible, or just becoming more aware of how I feel when I do consume certain types of entertainment.

  2. This is a completely nerdy response, but one thing I’ve read lately that I found uplifting is the biography “Max Perkins: Editor of Genius”. Max is the fellow who “discovered” F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolf, among others… Anyway, the book is well written and it talks about Max working to bring the best out of his writers’ work. I found it unexpectedly inspiring.

    1. Hi there. I have definitely felt the way you’re feeling. Life can seem so flat and depressing at times… It can be hard to find something that genuinely excites, comforts and inspires you. I hope you do discover that thing again soon, though. Your soul deserves to be fed. ♡

  3. What feeds my soul? A tough question, Contrary to you I’m an old man who have lived for an eternity, it seems. Certainly it won’t be popcorn 🙂 but I’ll make try:
    An open and honest mind, free speech and the incredible diversity and beauty of nature around the world. Thus my hobby: Photography!
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I hope you find something to cherish. Please enjoy!

    1. Thank you–I’m sure I will! And thank you for your visit. I love your descriptions of the things that feed your soul, and how they have led to your hobby. Photography is a great way to appreciate the world and to share your particular viewpoint with others. 🙂

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