Body beautiful

Body beautiful

Body beautiful

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything.” 

I love this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.  It helps me to realise that, whilst the physical form may be superficial and fleeting, it is still precious.  A flower dies within days of blooming, but don’t we enjoy it, celebrate it, nurture it and revere it while it is alive?  

With the discovery of a newfound spiritual practice there can be a tendency, as I suggested earlier, to think that it is futile or even arrogant or shallow to take care of the body, to enjoy in or appreciate the physical form.  

But this quote says no–your physical form is a gift, inextricably linked to all of the most beautiful and mysterious things in the universe.  It is a manifestation of life, of the divine, and should be appreciated as such.  And doesn’t taking good care of something seem to be the best way of expressing gratitude that there is?  

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. As I mentioned in an earlier response, I’m only now beginning to meditate. I do so everyday…well, I have missed one or two, BUT I do try to maintain a daily meditation schedule. At this point I’m only doing fifteen minutes a day. Still, the benefits I have experienced are thus far very positive. I sleep better. I think better. My writing has improved in the sense that my ideas flow with greater ease.

    And there is one other benefit. It has to do with physical appearance. Meditation improves my posture, and I have always linked good posture with human beauty.To meditate I sit in a chair. I sit without touching the back of the chair. My feet are positioned solidly on the floor. My hands are nestled in each other palms up in my lap, and I keep my head upright. The result being that even hours later, when I’m walking our black lab, Cody, I find myself walking with a straighter back.

    A few weeks ago I visited some friends in Mississippi; they told me I was getting younger! And I definitely felt very good hearing that. Ha!

    I am convinced that meditation, among all the other good things, corrects the body into its natural form which is, as you state, a beautiful gift that should be taken care of.

    Thank you Louise for the wonderful post.

    1. Thank you again, Paul, for your insightful and personal comments. I appreciate your reading. I completely agree about meditation improving physical health and that posture is so important when it comes to well-being, as well as confidence and beauty. If I’m feeling a little out of whack one day, I usually find that my posture is off–either as a result of feeling not quite right, or I find that it’s the cause of my issues. Meditation is a wonderful tool for relaxing the whole body and tuning into what’s going on in even the smallest muscles. We don’t realise how much tension and stress we’re holding until we really focus, observe and let it go.

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