A poem for us, about you

A poem for us, about you

​Our wild sea is white in your absence though dogs leap and roll on the shingle, knowing nothing of our grief.  

Of course, you are not really absent, 

and the leaves, now withered and cracked, will grow again, emerald in the spring.  

These songs we sing with tears in our throats will rise beyond this simple roof and be carried upon the clouds to your quiet, eternal heart.

Lovers, daughters, friends and mothers shall never truly part.  

Your kindness and grace, bestowed throughout the years, has given comfort and inspiration to us all.  Of all the words you have spoken, a single complaint I cannot recall.  

Though we look longingly at your face, encased within golden picture frames, and touch with reverence your familiar wedding ring, 

we must not cling to the stuff of this world to be close to you.  

We should look for you in every living thing and realise deeply that you are there.  In wildflowers, in showers of rain, 

in snow, in silence, 

in tears. 

You are the breeze, the sunlight upon the ocean, the whisper in the lonely dark that says

‘Sleep well.  I am still here.’

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